Imaginaire VII

Imaginaire VII
Imaginaire VII 22 x 31cm. Hardcover € 20,–


FANTASMUS – Mette Torp Bisgaard
The 7th book in the IMAGINAIRE series.
Steven Kenny and Igor Grechanyk are the guests of honour.

A variety of 40 internationally known artists in the genre Magic Realism is showing their own especially, selected work. Among those are David M. Bowers, Claude Verlinde, Claus Brusen, Rick Lelieveld, Ronald Burns, Michael Hiep, Tim Roosen, Jean Thomassen, Gil Bruvel and many more

Languages: English  Hardcover: 152 pages
Product Dimensions: 23 x 32 cm

ISBN: 978-87-993936-6-4

Totaal: € -

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